Are you passionate about mountains and would like to reach more demanding heights? Via Ferrata tracks run through a rocky terrain equipped with metal stepladder and wires which make the progression easier and fun.

Between the Carnic/Julian Alps and the Dolomites there are some spectacular Vie Ferrate. For example:

Route Diff.
Cristallo – Sent. Attrezzato Ivano Dibona easy
Punta Fiames – Ferrata Strobel medium
Pisciadù – Ferrata Tridentina hard
Creton di Culzei – Ferrata dei ’50 hard
M. Coglians – Ferrata Nord hard

PERIOD: June – October

PRICE: € 120,00 per pers. (with 3 participants)


“For all the mountains I have seen, nothing equals the Julian [Alps]” writes J. Kugy in his book The Life of a Mountaineer. This is how he begins the chapter about the Julian Alps. Perhaps for its crystalline waters, or perhaps for its impressive mountains (despite their modest altitude) that gives them a more severe look compared to more famous mountain massifs, whichever the case, Kugy, writer, alpinist and traveler, was an expert of this relatively unknown and yet so very fascinating side of the Alps.

The starting and arrival point of this circular crossing is Valbruna, a little village at the beginning of Val Saisera, one of the most beautiful valleys of the Julian Alps.

PERIOD: 29 June-3 July 2020
PRICE: € 520,00/pers. (with 3 participants)


Alta Madre dei Camosci e Jof Fuart

Alta Madre dei Camosci e Jof Fuart


Maps don’t lie: The Brenta Dolomites are the only dolomitic massifs situated on the Adige River’s west side. So…why are they called Dolomites? If you traverse one of their spectacular routes among peaks, towers, and ledges above overhanging walls, you understand that they are more dolomitic than you can imagine! This is not the reason however since, geologically speaking, they are made by dolomia (as are the rest of the Dolomites) and not limestone.

The proposed itinerary takes advantage of the system of equipped ledges that cross the massifs from north to south. There is also the possibility, with greater mountaineering commitment, which is never greater than II grade, to reach the top of the massifs’ highest peaks: Tosa Peak and Brenta Peak.

PERIOD: 9-12 July 2020
PRICE: € 490,00/pers. (with 3 participants)