Winter climbs are the mountaineering best expression. Climbs, that are here showed, are going to lead us into great environment. Some are technically not hard and could be a good first approach at this activity, some others are closer to “grande course” of West Alps or to the most famous Mont Blanc goulottes.

For the harder routes you must made some alpine experience before but for the easier ones you need only some practice with crampons and ice axe and a lot of adventure desire!

PERIOD: from December to April

COST: on request

Route Difficult  
M. Cavallo di Pontebba – Ferrata Contin AD  
Bila Pec – cresta sud-ovest AD-  
M. Canin – Ferrata Julia D  
Coglians – parete Nord D  
Veunza – Severna Grapa D/D+  
Forca Berdo – Canalone Comici D+/TD  
Antelao – Canalone Oppel TD  
Torre Innerkofler – Mistica TD