Ski Touring

The most classic activity one can do on mountains during winter. Climb up with climbing skins far away from ski… [Leggi tutto]

Ice Climbing

Would you enjoy winter mountain climbs without climbing on snow covered rocks? Ice falls world is the best choice for… [Leggi tutto]

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is a good way to train during the winter period. ManoAperta is a Sport Association specializing in climbing…. [Leggi tutto]

Rock Climbing

This is the most classic activity to do on a mountain. Here are some proposals that may tempt you, and… [Leggi tutto]

Sport Climbing

Climbing a rock wall utilizing only the strength of your body and a rope for safety: this is the goal… [Leggi tutto]

High Mountain

Open spaces, glaciers and thin air: these are the characteristics of the high mountain environment. And it’s every alpinist dream… [Leggi tutto]


Reach the top with lifts, or at least with short tracks with climbing skins, and then ski down wonderful slopes… [Leggi tutto]

Winter Mountaineering

Winter climbs are the mountaineering best expression. Climbs, that are here showed, are going to lead us into great environment…. [Leggi tutto]


TREKKING IN FRIULIAN DOLOMITE’S NATURAL PARK The Friulian Dolomites are not a common destination for tourists perhaps for their isolated… [Leggi tutto]