High Mountain

Open spaces, glaciers and thin air: these are the characteristics of the high mountain environment. And it’s every alpinist dream to climb the major tops of the Alps.


Route Diff.    
Cevedale F  
Castore F+  
Gran Paradiso PD  
Gran Zebrù PD  
GrossGlockner PD+  
Ortles PD+  

PERIOD: June – September

PRICE: on request




Some centuries ago it was common to talk about Monviso as the highest peak of the Alps. In all reality, it is “only” the highest peak of the Cozie Alps and this is perhaps its saving grace. It is a well-known mountain but not as crowded as Mt. Blanc or Mt. Rosa because it does not reach the fatal altitude of 4000m, although it comes close.

It is not a minor peak, on the contrary its normal route is by climbing on solid rock which is not too difficult but is continuous so it shouldn’t be underestimated.

The proposed program here calls for climbing some ridge lines on mountains close to Monviso and then climbing up the main top to become well acclimated, after a “training” period on the rock of the massif.


DATES: 20-24 July 2018
PRICE: € 890,00/pers. (with 2 participants)

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Great mountains and great environment for these historic routes climbed for the first time at the beginning of mountaineering exploration of Carnic and Julian Alps.

Itinerary Difficult
Jof di Montasio – Via di Dogna PD
M.Duranno – Normal Route AD-
Cima dei Preti – Normal Route PD-
Monte Cridola – Normal Route PD-
Campanile Toro- Normal Route PD
Jof di Montasio – Diretta Kugy AD
Crete da Cjanevate – Grohmann (north face) AD

PERIOD: June – September

PRICE: on request


Climb the highest peaks of the Dolomites through the more logical route; It usually coincides with the first ascenders’ route. Normal routes are not technically hard (not more than III grade) so you don’t have to be a strong climber but only fit enough to be in the mountains for one full day.

Itinerary Difficult
Antelao F+/PD
Cima Grande di Lavaredo PD
Sorapiss AD
Sassolungo – Cengia dei Fassani AD

PERIOD: June – September

PRICE: on request