San Lucano Valley – Pilone Titan (Via per l’Ultimo Zar)

If you decide to climb in the San Lucano valley you should know you aren’t just going to climb: there’s a tricky approach on wild terrain, the route rarely done (it means no pitons :-) ), a bivouac is generally required and after all the long descent to the valley.

All of these ingredients let you live the taste of real adventure!

The route leads through the powerful Titan Pillar to the Prima Pala’s top; the climb is never inane and the very few repetitions don’t help you to find the way for sure.

A great climb with the best crew! 

Thanks a lot to Leo for his nice pics.

avvicinamento in vista del pilone    primo tiro    traverso del quarto tiro    bivacco

bivacco    parte alta    diedro terz'ultimo tiro    in uscita dal diedro

ultimo tiro    ultimo tiro    in vetta    Biv. Bedin