Would you enjoy winter mountain climbs without climbing on snow covered rocks? Ice falls world is the best choice for this kind of activity; it enables you to experience true climbing moves in a great snowy mountain environment.

Between the Julian Alps and the Dolomites are some of the most beautiful ice falls of the Alps, not forgetting the West Alps ice falls paradise such as Cogne. We offer climbs of every level, from beginner to expert. Maybe you want to try some prestigious ice falls?


Route Diff.
Sappada – Specchio di Biancaneve III/3+
Valbruna – Biele Furlane II/4+
Val di Riva – Ursprung III/4
Sappada – Futura III/4+
Val Travenanzes –Sogno Canadese III/4+
Val di Riofreddo – Cascata di Riofreddo III/5

PERIOD: December – March

PRICE: € 160,00 per pers. (with 2 participants)

Valnontey - Di Fronte al Tradimento

Valnontey – Di Fronte al Tradimento


The best choice for the person who wants to climb ice falls but doesn’t like the cold and shady north faces. Checking the conditions carefully is mandatory to climb these falls safely and having fun.

Route Diff.
Passo Pordoi – O Sole Mio II/5
Val Lasties – Cassiopeo II/5
Vallunga – I Droc III/5+

PERIOD: January – February

PRICE: € 190,00 per pers. (with 2 participants)

Level: 5 top-rope

Cascata Lasties - Secondo Tiro

Cascata Lasties – IV/5


Mojstrana is a little village among the mountains of Slovenia where there is a particular ice wall realized in a narrow canyon. If you are busy during the day and want to spend the evening climbing ice this is the place to go. It is also a good option when ice conditions in other places are not optimal.

PRICE: € 70,00 per person (with 4 participants)